School Cricket Coaching

Here are two ways Hunter Cricket can help your school improve your pupils experience of playing cricket.

Cricket Teacher Training

Most cricketer's first experience of the game is at school. For this experience to be positive, players need to be active, challenged and have fun.

This is a daunting prospect for teacher's who don't come from a cricket background. Using his Coach Education Tutoring experience Ross Hunter can come to your school and give your teachers a full or half day training, plus an extensive skills and drills pack, to help them deliver an exciting cricket programme and get the most out of your pupils.

Full Day Training: From £300

Half Day Training: From £180

What the Schools say: 

Kevin Donovan, Director of Sport, Churcher's College, Petersfield

'Just to say a very big thank you for coming to Churcher's and making our afternoon so enjoyable as well as being educational.

The teachers are already talking about "we could do this and we could do that" which can only be healthy for Churcher's Cricket."

Curriculum Cricket Coaching

Individual teaching in other fields such as music has been a very successful addition to many school's curriculum. Now Hunter Cricket is adding cricket to this concept.

Sessions with Professional Cricket Coach, Ross Hunter, is a very exciting opportunity for all of your pupils!


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